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Introducing MES Solar

Your Solar Power System Partner

MES SOLAR is a solar power system solutions provider for residential, commercial, NGO and government customers. As a SEDA certified RPVI, we offer zero investment solar system solution for our clients. Similarly, we perform solar system load reading services for NEMAS reporting, solar panel installation to solar system outright purchase. Interested to start your journey to embrace cleaner green energy via solar power system, call us at MES SOLAR today!

We Provide Solutions for..

Solar Panels on Roof

Solar PV for Residential

We design (with our partner) and build Solar System specifically designed for your home. Reduce your electricity bill for up to 90% via NEM 3.0. Directly reducing imported energy, export excess energy at a 1 to 1 rate, and significantly reduce your monthly electricity bill.

Solar PV for Business

Customed Designed Solar System for your business, both for Commercial and Industrial clients. We design (with our partner) and build Solar System specifically for your business premise. We offer either Outright Purchase or Zero Investment via Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) or Supply Agreement for Renewable Energy (SARE).

Solar Financing Package

We provide assistance for our business clients to obtain solar financing from Public Bank and AMBank. As for our residential clients, we provide assistance to obtain solar financing from ORIX.

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6-1, Jalan Reko Sentral 8, Reko Sentral, 43000, Kajang, Selangor

Yusrin +60192210889 / Kamil +60193825840


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